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The highest quality self-massage tool that you can find anywhere. Period.

The MA Roller gently stretches the spine and deeply massages the antigravity paraspinal muscles, like very deep-tissue work.

The MA Roller also stimulates three important lines of energy associated with major acupuncture meridians. Stimulating these meridians opens the chi channels, allowing the body's natural energy reserves to flow freely.

As you learn how to use the MA Roller, you relax -- feeling all your tension melt away as the muscular knots dissolve. As your tension disappears, you feel calmer and more energetic.

Many people discover achy tension areas they were unaware of, before using the MA Roller. As these problem sites resolve, they find themselves accomplishing more with less effort. Some people actually attribute improvements in relationships to the relaxation they achieve on the MA Roller! Read more about the tool.

We are the only source for the MA Roller Massage Tool crafted from solid Rock Maple, that will not crack under body weight. Guaranteed for life: In fact, you will want to pass this beautiful wood on to your children, and your children's children.


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