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What is the MA Roller?

The MA Roller is a tool for healing and awareness, gleaned from the teachings of ancient China. It was invented in 1970 by a Chinese practitioner of acupuncture, who is also a student of yoga.

The MA Roller gives a gentle stretch to the spine, and a deep massage to the antigravity muscles on the back, along lines of energy known to the science of acupuncture.

How does the MA Roller work?

There are three important lines of energy which the MA Roller stimulates: the central line of the spine, which is gently stretched; and the two lines on either side, on which are found the acupuncture YU points of all the internal organs (see diagram). YU means "to transport". As the YU points are stimulated by deep pressure through the MA Roller, energy from the outer spaces of the cosmos are transported to the inner spaces of the internal organs.

These three lines of energy were known in all ancient cultures. They contain man's most essential energies which can be utilized equally for healing and for his development.

The central line is connected to the central nervous system, that is, the brain and spinal cord and the nerves which issue to the muscles, skin, eyes, ears, nose, and other external sense organs. It is more concerned with the conscious voluntary functions of man.

The two lines on which the YU points lie are connected to the autonomic nervous system. It is this nervous system which regulates the vital functions of the internal organs, the pulsing of the heart, the secretion of the glands, the rhythmic movement of the stomach and intestines and so on. It is concerned with the more unconscious involuntary processes.

These two systems of nerves are related like day to night. They complete a circuit of energies. However, normally speaking, even in a healthy individual there are tensions and blocks everywhere along the circuit. The MA Roller brings in energy to free these tensions and blocks, and restores the natural flow.


When to use the MA Roller

The MA Roller may be used every day, but it is specially indicated whenever there is tension or whenever the energy is low. It may be used to improve circulation, give better sleep, or help medication. Try to use it in any problem area: body or mind.


When not to use the MA Roller

The MA Roller should not be used when there is spinal injury, or even suspicion of it. The MA Roller should not be used during pregnancy. The MA Roller should not be used for longer than a few seconds on the head and neck by lying on it, because the head and neck are delicate structures. One should not fall asleep on the MA Roller.


What may be experienced in using the MA Roller

For many, even the first use affords great pleasure. For others, tenderness in certain areas may be experienced. The tenderness is most often the result of tension which needs release. As long as it is not due to injury of the spine, give yourself over to it and accept it with openness. The result will be relaxation and repose. Warmth, a deeper breathing, or movement of the abdominal contents may be experienced as energy is brought to the internal organs. As tension gradually subsides, tenderness turns into joy, one's countenance changes, and there is a great subtle stir within. In some, powerful purging may take place. The copious discharge of mucus is a purifying process and need not be feared.

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