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How to use the MA Roller

Of first importance is the cultivation of a "feel" for the use of the MA Roller, and an individual relationship to it. Then one knows when to use it, where to use it, just the right duration required. A useful hint is: Try to give, try not to do. Be open. Be conscious.

Although the MA Roller may be used also for the thighs, calves and feet, its main use is on the back. Use from top down only. The idea is not so much to roll and move, but to allow the MA Roller to sink in gently and penetrate every point.

Lie relaxed on a flat surface. Have the MA Roller centered under the head. Raise the knees. Give the MA Roller a light push down with arms curled overhead.

Catch the MA Roller under the upper back, centrally positioned, so that the spine passes through the central notch, now lock hands behind the head. Slowly push body headward with legs. Seek out tender or pleasurable spots on the back and rest there until tension gives. Move on slowly to the loins and buttocks and rest wherever something is felt. When there is tension, give it time.

Begin with short sessions and prolong the sessions as skill is acquired. Not more than 45 minutes per session is recommended. As relaxation deepens and deepens, the larynx, the forehead, then the crown of the head may become relaxed and energized. Remain conscious and do not fall asleep on the MA Roller.

Relax and feel into the new posture of your being after use. Allow the peace to settle.

Other ways in which the MA Roller may be used

  1. One may sit up and roll thighs and calves on the wings of the MA Roller. The body is propped up with extended arms pushed against the floor.
  2. The feet may be massaged by standing on the wings and rolling to and fro while the body is supported by a hold on a table or something.
  3. The MA Roller may be held by the wings and applied on the front of the thighs and calves.
  4. The MA Roller may be held by the wings and applied on the head and neck.
  5. The MA Roller may be held with one hand and hammered gently on the shoulders.

The five methods just described require some muscular exertion and should be done only separately from stimulation of the back. Or, they could be done before the back.

Why is the MA Roller so shaped?

The MA Roller was conceived in a flash of intuition. As the mystery begins to unfold the reason for the broad and the narrow parabolic curves in her shape become clear. These curves reach out to infinity. Energy from the outer spaces of the cosmos is carried along these lines to the spinal cord and brain and to the internal organs through the YU points. The shape of the MA roller is the form of a winged bird of flight. It represents that energy in man capable of propelling his evolution towards an even higher form.

Why is the MA Roller made of wood?

Every substance contains a vibration. Wood is the natural choice since symbolically speaking the entire nervous system is also the Tree of Life. The brain and spinal cord are like the stem, branches, and leaves of the tree, open to the light of the sun. The autonomic nerves are like roots and fibres enclosed in the darkness of the earth. The spine, like the tree, stands erect. It is harmoniously poised between the heavens above and the earth below.

Why is the MA Roller so called?

The MA Roller is the result of meditations on the five elements as given in the ancient Chinese classic, "Huang Ti Nel Jing" - translated as "The inner doctrines of the Light Bearer". Earth as centre was seen as the mystic body of change transformations. The sound "MA" was given. MA stands for the whole of the created world, and stands also for mind, consciousness. The gesture, as given in a broader parabolic curve of the MA Roller, is that it will rise. "Great Earth Massage Tools" the name of the company that originally made the MA Roller, follows upon this.

To care for your MA Roller and enhance its beauty, apply massage oil, Danish oil, or vegetable oil.

THE MA Roller company distributed the MA Roller for Great Earth Massage Tools for more than seven years. Great Earth Massage Tools went out of business, and we continue the tradition by bringing you the highest quality self-massage tool available, in the same exact pattern and dimensions as the original, and in the same high-quality material: Solid Rock Maple. Your MA Roller should last for generations to come, with minimal care.


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